Our People

Toru Shiozaki

CEO and cofounder. Dr. Shiozaki is one of the most internationally recognized young quantum chemists. Prior to QSimulate, he was an assistant professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University. He published more than 45 scientific papers, raised more than $3M funding from federal agencies in academia, and is the principal author of the BAGEL package. He is a Sloan Fellow and a recipient of the IAQMS Medal, among other distinctions.

Kyle Throssell

Founding Scientist and Software Engineer. Dr. Throssell brings to QSimulate nearly 10 years of experience in software and algorithm development in the area of computational chemistry. Prior to joining QSimulate, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Rice University after receiving his PhD at Wesleyan University. He is also a former contributor to the Gaussian program.

Garnet Chan

CSO and cofounder. Dr. Chan is the Bren Professor in Chemistry at Caltech. Recognized as a world-leader in the field of quantum chemistry, Garnet has helped to define many of the directions of modern computational chemistry. Many of his former students - users and developers of the technology behind QSimulate - are now faculty members at academic institutions around the world. His group has created and maintains the PySCF package.

About us

We are an international team based in Cambridge, Los Angeles, and (possibly) Hong Kong!

We are hiring!

We are currently building a team in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you are interested in a position, please contact us at info@qsimulate.com Backgrounds in web programming, scientific computing, and software design are desired.