Our vision

On the basis of our unique technologies, we are looking to bring the power of quantitative simulations to solve pressing problems in the pharmaceutical and chemistry spaces.

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Motivated programmers and scientists are welcome to contact us for career opportunities at QSimulate. Please write to us at info@qsimulate.com.

Our People

Toru Shiozaki

CEO and Co-founder

David Pearlman

VP of Product

Garnet Chan

Chief Scientific Advisor
and Co-founder

Kyle Throssell

Founding Software Engineer

Fredy Aquino

Software Engineer

Steven Wang


Sruthi Murlidaran



QSimulate is pleased to announce delivery of phases I and II of its contract with Google AI Quantum Lab.
"We are very happy to partner with QSimulate, a leading developer of HPC based quantum software, as we move towards products for the emerging quantum market", says Ryan Babbush, Head of Quantum Algorithms at Google Quantum. "Our partnership with Google further advances our position in this area and will open up new audiences for our unique technologies", says Toru Shiozaki, CEO of QSimulate.
(April 2nd, 2020)
QSimulate has been selected among the few launching partners of Amazon Quantum Solution Lab as a pioneer in the quantum mechanical simulations space.
The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab connects customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and its technology and consulting partners to help discover new applications and find ways to apply quantum computing inside their organizations. As the technology eventually reaches the point of commercial viability, AWS and its partners will collaborate on experiments with customers and guide them to incorporate quantum solutions into their business. Among other launching partners are 1Qbit, Rahko, Rigetti, QCWare, Xanadu, and Zapata.
(December 2nd, 2019. Link)

About Us

We are an international team based in Cambridge and Pasadena!