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Our vision

On the basis of our unique technologies, we are looking to bring the power of quantitative simulations to solve pressing problems in the pharmaceutical and chemistry spaces.

We are hiring!

As QSimulate is expanding the team, we have multiple open positions including scientists, software engineers, project management, and business development.
For software developer positions, please see more details at AngelList. For other positions, please write to us at hire@qsimulate.com for further inquiry.
Our offices are located in Boston MA and Berkeley CA, USA, and Ghent, Belgium.
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Our People

Toru Shiozaki
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Chief Executive Officer
and Co-founder

David Pearlman
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Vice President of Product

Trevor Barsamian
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Director of Business Development

Garnet Chan
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Chief Scientific Advisor
and Co-founder

Romanos Daniel
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Chairman of the Advisory Board

Jia Chen
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Head of Quantum Research

Alec White
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Head of Algorithms

Alexander Doran
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Senior Software Engineer

Klaas Gunst
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Branch Manager, Europe

Charlotte Ward
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Operations Manager

Leon Freitag
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Senior Software Engineer

Zhenjun Hu
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Senior Software Engineer

Csaba Daday
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Senior Scientist

Fredy Aquino
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Software Engineer

Sruthi Murlidaran
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Beatrice Van Der Goetz
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David Reilley
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Sebastien Hoyas
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Daniel Moberg
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Jaden Tayag
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Junior Software Engineer


QSimulate expands collaboration with Google Quantum AI

QSimulate is expanding its partnership with Google Quantum AI while releasing the Fermionic Quantum Emulator (FQE). QSimulate and Google Quantum AI, leaders in the space, continue to seize on the increasing commercial engagement with quantum simulation and quantum computing.
(November 10th, 2021)
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Fermionic Quantum Emulator highlighted in the Google Open Source Blog

Fermionic Quantum Emulator (FQE), jointly developed by QSimulate and Google Quantum AI, has been highlighted in the Google Open Source Blog. FQE has enabled orders of magnitude faster emulation of quantum circuits for chemistry.
Check out the full article from the link below!
(November 4th, 2021)
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AWS partners with QSimulate for Healthcare and Life Sciences Program

AWS announces the Healthcare and Life Sciences Program, in which QSimulate has been chosen as one of its partners. Combining our technology and AWS's vast computing resources, we are enabling, for the first time, computational drug discovery using quantum mechanics. What would have taken weeks and months now only takes minutes. We look forward to further collaboration with AWS.
(May 25th, 2021)
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QSimulate technology enables groundbreaking advances in quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) simulations for large protein modeling

A new publication from RIKEN has described a native integration of the highly efficient QSimulate-QM software and RIKEN’s GENESIS molecular dynamics (MD) program, achieving unprecedented throughput for the simulations of large protein reactions. High throughput suggests a broadened scope of applicability for QM/MM calculations going forward. Questions of drug discovery and materials development that have previously been beyond the reach of QM due to insufficient turnaround now appear to be within our grasp.
(April 29th, 2021)
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QSimulate raises $5M to revolutionize pharmaceutical and materials R&D with quantum mechanics

QSimulate is excited to announce that we have closed a $5 million seed round to accelerate our efforts to revolutionize the impact of quantum-based simulations on drug discovery and materials development. We are expanding our product and business efforts, and we'll soon be announcing several opportunities to join our amazing team. Stay tuned!
Team members
(April 12th, 2021)
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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced the award of a research grant to QSimulate. The grant, “Scoring ligand/protein interactions using a novel high performance implementation of DFT quantum mechanics,” will fund efforts to integrate quantum mechanics into the process of drug discovery in a manner that was previously impossible. David A Pearlman, VP of Product at QSimulate, will serve as the Principal Investigator on the project.
(March 1st, 2021)
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In a new publication, scientists at start-up QSimulate describe the application of a new and novel implementation of quantum mechanics (QM) to the question of how well various diverse drugs bind to SARS-CoV-2 Mpro, a protein required for the replication of COVID-19. The diversity in structure and formal charge of this set is large, rendering accurate scoring by traditional methods difficult or impossible. However, QSimulate has demonstrated that QM with high accuracy can successfully rank binding strength for this challenging set. The results suggest a broader path forward for the integration of QM in drug discovery.
(October 19th, 2020)
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AWS made an announcement on the general availability of Amazon Braket, in which QSimulate's collaboration with Amgen was highlighted as a success of QSimulate as a launch partner of Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab.

...Yax Sun, Director and Narbe Mardirossian, Scientist, at Amgen. “By collaborating with the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab and QSimulate, we’ve been able to quickly build and test a cloud-based approach using multiple compute resources on AWS for a critical drug discovery process—a process we plan to transition to a quantum computer in the future when it is practical. Looking ahead, Amazon Braket has the potential to substantially benefit the research and scientific community by providing on-demand access to quantum computing technologies and accelerate innovation in biotechnology.

(August 14th, 2020)

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The QSimulate quantum simulation platform that enables unprecedented high throughput, QSimulate-MI, has been enlisted by JSR Corporation, one of the major players in the display, semiconductor, optical, and polymer materials market, to enable the discovery of novel materials using Materials Informatics (MI) approaches. In this partnership, QSimulate has provided JSR access to its unique automated QM tools on the cloud, making it possible to run high accuracy quantum calculations for thousands of molecules on a daily basis. This, in turn, provides a superior dataset for Materials Informatics, as well as the ability to efficiently supplant that training set as required.
(July 2nd, 2020)
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Quantum-based startup QSimulate has announced a collaboration with Amgen focused on integrating large scale, high accuracy, quantum mechanics calculations (QM) into the drug discovery pipeline. The impetus for the new collaboration is the development by QSimulate of a novel implementation of density functional theory, a variant of QM, that allows these calculations to be run with discovery-relevant throughput on realistic ligand/protein models for the first time by taking full advantage of cloud resources.
(April 21st, 2020)
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QSimulate is pleased to announce delivery of phases I and II of its contract with Google AI Quantum Lab.
"We are very happy to partner with QSimulate, a leading developer of HPC based quantum software, as we move towards products for the emerging quantum market", says Ryan Babbush, Head of Quantum Algorithms at Google Quantum. "Our partnership with Google further advances our position in this area and will open up new audiences for our unique technologies", says Toru Shiozaki, CEO of QSimulate.
(April 2nd, 2020)
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QSimulate has been selected among the few launching partners of Amazon Quantum Solution Lab as a pioneer in the quantum mechanical simulations space.
The Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab connects customers with quantum computing experts from Amazon and its technology and consulting partners to help discover new applications and find ways to apply quantum computing inside their organizations. As the technology eventually reaches the point of commercial viability, AWS and its partners will collaborate on experiments with customers and guide them to incorporate quantum solutions into their business. Among other launching partners are 1Qbit, Rahko, Rigetti, QCWare, Xanadu, and Zapata.
(December 2nd, 2019. Link)
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About Us

We are an international team based in Boston and Berkeley, USA, and Ghent, Belgium.
For questions and inquiries, please write to us at info@qsimulate.com

Boston, MA
Berkeley, CA
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